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STD-TestingWith every purchase from STD Testing 24/7, you and your *family will now have FREE access to medical care, through doctors there to help you, 24 hours a day.


Telehealth was developed to serve a growing number of people in need of medical services but unable to access care at the appropriate level. Every day, thousands of patients are deferring treatment they need because they do not have convenient access to care. Thousands more seek care at the ER, the doctor’s office or an urgent care clinic that could have been provided much more quickly, conveniently, safely and cost-effectively over the phone or online video.

The American Medical Association has reported that as many as 70% of all doctor visits are for information only or for matters that can be handled over the phone.

About Telemedicine services


It’s the use of information technology including the telephone, the Internet and personal computers, for diagnosing, treating and monitoring patients. Telehealth is adding a new dimension to modern health care. These advances are not only making care more accessible and convenient, they are also helping to raise the quality and contain the costs of medical care.


IT’S FAST.  When you use this telehealth benefit, there are no waiting rooms with sick people, no driving, no babysitter; connect to a doctor instantly via phone or online video.

IT’S CONVENIENT.  You get care when you need it, whether you’re traveling, at work or in your home 24/7, 365 days a year.

IT’S LOW-COST.  Telehealth costs less than traditional office visits, and avoids the expense of travel.

IT’S EASY. The process is simple, secure and electronically maintains your medical history.

IT’S RELIABLE. Telehealth doctors are all U.S. Based and licensed.

IT’S TRANSFERABLE. You can share your electronic medical records with your primary care physician, family, or other specialist.


You and your family will now have new access to medical care through doctors there to help you 24 hours a day.

CONSULT with US board certified physicians on demand from any location.

RECEIVE treatment over the phone or by online video, avoiding high cost settings like doctor’s office, urgent care or ER.

REDUCE healthcare claims, out-of-pocket expenses and time wasted waiting for appointments.

ACCESS to personalized health manager featuring interactive wellness tools, symptom checker and a resource guide for common medical conditions.

LEARN to manage disease and chronic illness to improve health.

RECEIVE quality care and Rx prescriptions, if appropriate.


  • Primary care physician is not available or accessible
  • After normal business hours, evenings weekends
  • When traveling for business or vacation
  • To request prescription (Rx) medication or refill, if appropriate
  • To avoid unnecessary visits to doctor’s office, urgent care and ER for simple healthcare issues
  • When seeking a second opinion
  • When seeking advice about an existing condition
  • For lab results or wellness panels


Having access to high-quality, healthcare is crucial. Patient cost responsibility is increasing whether you have insurance through an employer group, association or an individual health insurance plan. As a result, everyone is looking for ways to find more affordable healthcare services to get healthy and stay healthier.


TALK TO A DOCTOR IN MINUTES, through its provider partners, offers multiple ways to consult with a doctor – by phone, online video and mobile app – offering efficient and inexpensive access to quality doctor consultations anytime from anywhere. The solution replaces many unnecessary doctors’ office, UC and ER visits and can be used from home, work, while traveling, nights, weekends and even holidays.


Individuals and families are facing major challenges with healthcare due to escalating costs and limited access to convenient care in a timely manner. Telehealth is proven and promising solution to increase access, drive down costs and help patients manage health through quality, 24/7 virtual care which includes effective, reliable information about prevention, wellness and disease management and monitoring.

*The service includes immediate family. The Telehealth service is provided by at the cost of $9.95 per month. First time members will be registered in a 30 day trial period. After the 30 day trial period, the member will be billed $9.95 on the same card provided for STD Testing 24/7. The member will be automatically billed $9.95 every month thereafter for as long as the member continues the service. This Telehealth is NOT insurance.